About 學院簡介

The Colours of Dance Academy (previously known as Chen Ling Academy of Dance) was established on September 1st, 2002 located in Richmond, BC. The Academy offers various levels of classes specializing in the diversity of Chinese dance and is proud to promote the excellence in the Chinese performing arts in Canada.

Colours of Dance Academy offers a comphrehensive range of Traditional, Folk, Classical, Modern and Minority styles of Chinese dance reprotoires for all ages. If you’re interested in learning more about our dance academy, we welcome you to send us an email or give us a call on your convenience.

張珺舞蹈藝術學院(原陳玲舞蹈學院)成立於2002年9月1日, 旨在弘揚和推廣中國舞蹈藝術在海外的發展。本院使用最正規和有系統的北京舞蹈學院中國舞等級考試教材通過嚴格和先進的教學方法, 以認真, 有愛心和耐心的教學態度, 因人施教, 不斷啟發和發揮學生的表現力, 在充滿友愛, 歡笑和不斷進取的創造力和學習環境中學習和領悟到中國文化藝術的精粹, 受到多種藝術的薰陶, 從而培養出眾多的優秀舞蹈人材和愛好者。

Our Mission

The Academy is dedicated to providing high quality Chinese dance education for all of its students, while creating a unique avenue to learn about Chinese culture. Using the Chinese Dance Examinable Syllabus as the foundation of our teaching program, we strive to develop and maximize each student’s potential through the integration of modern teaching methods and professional standards.

Students in the Colours of Dance Academy are locally trained with the same strict standard used in China and our Academy also provide extensive training for students who would like to seek careers in the Faculty of Dance. Outstanding students would also have opportunity to study dance in China. Moreover, students are encouraged to push beyond technical skills, as dance is pivotal to developing teamwork and community bonds. To gain confidence on the stage and outside of the studio, students are given opportunities to showcase their skills at performances both locally and around the world.

學院擁有高等學院畢業專業舞蹈教師及加拿大獲獎編導為客席導師和編導。本院重視舞台實踐, 通過舞台演出來檢驗教學成果, 展示藝術才華。在過去的二十多年裏學院积极參加各項慈善義演,演出的足跡遍布了北美及亞洲。並不斷組織和選送優秀學生遠赴中國學習舞蹈進行提高深造。演員皆受過嚴格訓練,扎實的基本功,純正的風格韵律,豐富细膩的表現力使他們在各項演出和各種比賽中都獲得各界好評和優異成績,是加拿大温哥華极具影響力和青春活力的舞蹈團隊。

Our Instructors

Jasmine Zhang 張珺

Principal / Artistic Director / Teacher / Choreographer / Director of Jasmine Youth Dance Company

院長 / 藝術總監 / 教師 / 編導 / 加拿大茉莉青年舞團團長

Jasmine Zhang is a dancer and choreographer. She obtained her degree in Chinese Dance Major from Beijing Dance Academy. Jasmine started her dance training at age of 5, and at the age of 13, she studied a 5 years professional dance training program at Zhejiang Art School in China. She then taught in the Art School after graduation. In the same year, she was admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy, the prestigious dance school in China, for further professional dance study. During her study, Jasmine travelled and participated in many performances in different countries. She received many first-place and outstanding awards in dance competitions, such as Zhejiang Music Festival, East China Dance Competition, Beijing University Students Dance Competition. 

In 2008, she co-directed with Ms. Chen Ling, and had her solo dance performance, “The Love of Jasmine”. The show was well received by many dance professionals for Jasmine’s excellent dance technique, unique dance style, and high-quality performance. 

Awards and Honours: 

    • 2010: Invitational performance to New Works Pop up Granville Island 
    • 2011: Adjudicator of Surrey Festival of Dance for the International Category
    • 2015: BC Outstanding Women Award presented by United Global Chinese Women’s Association of Canada; Executive Director of 7th International Advertising Model Contest
    • 2017: Performed the role of Chang’E, the main Actress of a Dance Drama “Ballad of the Moon”
    • 2018: Taoli World Dance Competition “Outstanding Instructor” Award
    • 2019: Adjudicator for “Produce 101” and “All For One” Talent Show Audition in North America hosted by Focus Media Inc.
    • 2022: Globe Outstanding Women Award presented by United Global Chinese Women’s Association of Canada



    • 2010 New Works Pop up Granville Island –唯一的中國舞者。
    • 2011年曾任Surrey Festival of Dance 國際組的評委。
    • 2015 年獲加拿大華人婦女聯合會頒發BC省傑出女性獎。同年擔任第7届中國廣告模特北美賽區執行導演 。
    • 2017年白石大型神話舞台劇月亮頌女主角嫦娥。
    • 2018年國際桃李盃總決賽中榮獲桃李滿園獎。
    • 2019 聚焦傳媒創造101以團之名偶像海選北美賽區評委。
    • 2022 年獲加拿大華人婦女聯合會頒發全球傑出女性優秀母親獎。

自小學習舞蹈,  擁有中國舞等級考試教師資格。 曾多次參與國內國外大型文藝演出: 英女皇御前演出、CCTV《同一首歌》走進加拿大‧溫哥華、世界三項鐵人賽開幕典禮、溫哥華冬奧慶祝活動、一带一路 – 世粤同行大型文藝演出等等。

    • 2011年遠赴深圳參加國務院僑辦舉辦的舞蹈培訓計畫
    • 2012年舞蹈 “且吟春語” 在Pacific West Performing Arts Festival 舞蹈比賽總決賽中奪得全場最高大獎及獎學金。
    • 2016年舞蹈 “意江南” 在國務院僑辦舉辦的文化中國(舞蹈)大賽深圳全球總決賽中為加拿大隊奪得銅獎。 更榮幸地被選中參加閉幕式的表演。
    • 2018年獨舞 “天地間” 在Peak Invitational 舞蹈比賽中獲得金獎。同年在洛杉磯舉辦的國際桃李盃總決賽中再取得鉑金獎及組別最高分.

Hali Tang 鄧凱欣

Instructor / Assistant Director of Jasmine Youth Dance Company

教師 / 加拿大茉莉青年舞團副團長

Hali started dancing since young. She obtained her Chinese Dance Graded Examination Syllabus Teacher’s Certification. She participated and performed in many national and international special events: For the late Queen Elizabeth II during her Royal Visit; CCTV “The Same Song” in Vancouver, Canada; World Triathlon Competition Opening Ceremony, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Celebrations; 9th Conference of the World Guangdong Community Federation, and more.

    • 2011:    Participated in a dance training program in Shenzhen, China hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
    • 2012:    Group Dance “Humming in the Spring” awarded with highest score and Scholarship in Pacific West Performing Arts Festival Finals
    • 2016:    Group Dance “Grace of Jiangnan” represented Canada and achieved a Bronze standing in the Global Dance Competition Finals hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and was selected to perform at the Closing Ceremony.
    • 2018:    Solo “Heaven and Earth” won Gold in the Peak Invitational Dance Competition, and Platinum award and Category’s Highest Score in Taoli World Dance Competition Finals in LA.

Janelle Chan 陳芝喬



Janelle began her dance training under Ms. Chen Ling and Jasmine Zhang since 8 years old. She participated in Pacific West Performing Arts Festival dance competition numerous times where she secured multiple 1st place titles with her duo, trio, and group pieces.

    • 2010:    Invited to perform in “Four Seasons” Dance Showcase at the Playhouse for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Celebration
    • 2012:    Participated in the Macau International Youth Dance Festival representing Canada, and was chosen to perform at Opening Ceremony
    • 2016:    Group Dance: “On the Qin River” was the winner of the International Category of Surrey Festival of Dance No Border’s Challenge
    • 2017:    Lead dancer of “Grace of Jiangnan” and won Platinum award and Adjudicator’s Choice Award in Taoli World Dance Competition Finals in LA

In the past 19 years, Janelle participated in countless performances. Janelle’s goal is to connect with more people from all over the world through dance.


8歲開始學習舞蹈,師從陳玲老師及張珺老師。曾多次在Pacific West Performing Arts Festival舞蹈比賽赢得雙人、三人、以及群舞得一等獎。

    • 2010年,受邀參加加拿大冬季奥運會慶祝活動之一Playhouse Theatre 舞蹈專場“Four Seasons”
    • 2012年和團隊一起代表加拿大參加了澳門國際青年舞蹈節,並被選中在開幕式中表演節目。
    • 2016年 舞蹈“秦淮河上” 奪得Surrey Festival of Dance No Border’s Challenge挑戰賽中得到國際組別第一名及獎學金。
    • 2017年領舞 “意江南” 奪得在加州洛杉磯舉辦的國際桃李盃决賽中赢得十佳鉑金獎及評委會大獎。



參加過眾多演出和比賽,包括2010年冬奥會、2012年澳門國際青年舞蹈節、2014年在羅馬的芭蕾比賽、安娜·瑪麗·福爾摩斯的胡桃夹子、和喬治·巴蘭欽的Walpurgisnacht。獲得眾多獎項和舞蹈獎學金,包括《最傑出獎》,《最有前途獎》,以及《最高分獎》。在2015年,參加了加拿大中文電台的Sunshine Nation Girlz SpeXial,取得了《最佳才藝獎》和《People’s Choice獎》。在2021年参加了溫哥華華裔小姐競選,獲得了《晶瑩亮麗新星獎》。

Carmen Cheung 張嘉文



At the age of 2½, Carmen began her dance training at Colours of Dance Academy (formerly known as Chen Ling Dance Academy). Through extensive training under Ms. Chen Ling and Jasmine Zhang, Carmen has a strong background in Chinese Dance Technique, Classical Dance and Minority Dance. Carmen also had her classical ballet training at Goh Ballet Academy, where she was a part of the senior professional half-day program and trained under Chan Hon Goh and other mentors. Carmen has completed all RAD Examinations to the Advanced 2 level.

Carmen participated in numerous performances and competitions, including the 2010 Winter Olympics, the 2012 International Youth Dance Festival in Macau, 2014 Ballet Competition in Rome, Anna-Marie Holmes’ Nutcracker, George Balanchine’s Walpurgisnacht, and more. Carmen has received countless awards and dance scholarships including, “The Most Outstanding”, “The Most Promising”, and The Highest Score Overall in many consecutive years. In 2015, Carmen participated in Fairchild Radio’s Sunshine Nation Girlz SpeXial, where she received both the “Best Talent” and “People’s Choice Award”. In 2021, Carmen participated in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant where she was awarded the Winner of “Sparkling New Star Award”.

Joyce Cheung 張心悅



Joyce has been doing ballet and Chinese dance with a foundation of rhythmic gymnastics for over 15 years. She has earned the Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 2 Certificates in ballet. She was selected to perform the role of “Company Commander” in the ballet drama “Red Detachment of Women”.

    • 2013:    Competed in the Pacific West Performing Arts Festival and won 1st place in the group dance “Song of Donbura”.
    • 2016:    Group Dance “Grace of Jiangnan” represented Canada and achieved a Bronze standing in the Global Dance Competition Finals hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. And was selected to perform at the Closing Ceremony.
    • 2019:    Group Dance “Tashi Delek” was invited to perform for a Spring Gala in Beijing, China.

Joyce participated in numerous performances and many for residents at Senior Homes. She really enjoys dancing and likes to share her passion in dance to others through performances.


    • 2013年 舞蹈”冬不拉之歌”曾獲得Pacific West Performing Arts Festival舞蹈比賽第一名。
    • 2016年參加舞蹈 “意江南”在國務院僑辦舉辦的文化中國(舞蹈)大賽深圳全球總決賽中為加拿大隊奪得銅獎。更榮幸地被選中參加閉幕式的表演。
    • 2019年舞蹈”扎西德勒”遠赴北京參加《舞動青春‧放飛夢想》2019新春聯歡晚會.

Joyce 熱愛舞蹈,積極參加社會各社團及老人院演出。

Chen Ling

Chen Ling 陳玲

Honorary Principal / President of Chinese Performing Arts Society of Canada / Founder and Former Principal of Colours of Dance Academy

張珺舞蹈藝術學院名譽院長 / 加拿大中國藝術文化交流協會主席 / Colours of Dance Academy 創始人 / 原加拿大陳玲舞蹈學院院長

Ms. Chen Ling is a First Rank performer in China, a well-known choreographer, and an instructor. She graduated and taught at the Beijing Dance Academy. She was the principal dancer in the Classical Chinese Dance Drama “Small Swords Society” and the Chinese Ballet Drama “Red Detachment of Women”. Her numerous solos and leading roles were highly received. 

Chen Ling has choreographed numerous dance dramas and repertoires. More than ten of her works were made into movies and many have been featured on television specials. Her deeds have been recognized and recorded in the “Chinese Dance Dictionary”. 

Throughout her career, her choreography, coaching, and students received numerous awards in the North American Chinese Dance Competitions, Surrey Festival of Dance, and Pacific West Performing Arts Festival. In May 2002, her student Carmen Leung won gold at the “Golden Lotus International Friendship Cup” in Yunnan, China. In the same competition, Chen Ling was awarded the “Best Artistic Director” award. In May 2005, Chen Ling choreographed a children dance drama “Dragon Dance” for the Chinese Cultural Centre. 

Ms. Chen Ling is very active in volunteering work. She founded the “Chinese Performing Arts Society of Canada”, a charity organization dedicated to promote Chinese dance in Canada. She had organized dance performance to raise funds for Sichuan earthquake relief. She had also volunteered to teach Senior dance classes at S.U.C.C.E.S.S.  Ms. Chen Ling is very dedicated and continues to promote the excellence of Chinese Performing Arts in Canada. 

中國國家一級演員, 著名舞蹈編導家, 教育家, 是中國北京舞蹈學校首屆畢業生, 并留校任教。曾在古典舞劇《小刀會》、 芭蕾舞劇《紅色娘子軍》 中擔任女主角及若干獨舞及領舞都得到高度評價。自我創作及與他人合作編導舞劇, 大型歌舞劇及舞蹈數十部, 其中十餘部獲國家級獎, 全景式歌舞劇《紅霞中有個我》、大型歌舞劇《帶血的項鍊》、舞蹈《綉金圓》、《永恆的微笑》、《山丹花之戀》及舞劇《青春交響曲》等等。事跡被編入「中國舞蹈詞典」, 移居溫哥華二十餘年, 致力中加文化交流, 弘揚中華民族優秀舞蹈藝術及舞蹈人才的培養。數年來所編導和排練的舞蹈及培訓的學生在多屆北美洲中國舞蹈比賽、Surrey Festival of DancePacific West Performing Arts Festival舞蹈比賽中成績卓越, 屢獲大獎。20025月選送學生梁嘉敏到中國參加首屆中國舞蹈節金荷花國際友誼杯大賽獲得大獎。陳玲老師因而榮獲指導獎2005年夏天創作, 編導和成功上演了兒童舞劇《龍舞》。陳玲女士更熱心公益事業, 義務在中橋互助會教導耆英學習中國舞, 為祝賀耆英舞蹈組成立十及十五週年成功舉辦了黃金歲月耀中僑的演出。 帶領全院師生為賑災捐款舉辦許多公益演出。於2006年組織和創辦了非牟利團體加拿大中國藝術文化交流協會因成績突出, 加拿大政府註冊批准為慈善機構。陳玲女士繼續弘揚和推廣中國舞蹈藝術, 促進中加文化交流及推動多元文化。